Eesti Laul 2020 Songs Released – First Impressions

8 December 2019

There’s so many reasons to love Eesti Laul: always interesting entries, an excellent national final format and they release everything early and at once. Mid November Estonia revealed its artists that will try win Eesti Laul and their way to the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam next year, and two weeks later came all the songs and videos. Like last year, they get behind all the artists to ensure they have videos out so they all get equal exposure.

Eesti Laul 2020 - All Songs Released - Impressions

After listening to all the songs (which you can do here) at least twice, and checking a few videos, it certainly is another interesting year. It’s not the strongest in terms of obvious dominant entries, and several artists returning from last year with similar or even inferior songs don’t add much appeal (unless you’re a fan of them). So it relies on newer artists and some quirky diversions for much of its interest. Here are those that made the strongest first impression.

Laura – Break Me

There’s no mistaking the classic Laura vocals in this addictive entry by an artist that won Eesti Laul in 2017 with Koit Toome and the song Verona. While carrying similar hallmarks, Break Me is a slight departure from the heavy electronic style of Sven Lohmus that wrote her most famous entries. She has new songwriters behind this, including herself, and it will be interesting to see how she goes.

Little Mess – Without a Reason

Three girls singing together with great harmonies, so we know already where the comparisons will be. With OG3NE!

Renate – Videomäng

This is that classic Estonian pop style, and very engaging. No idea who the person is other than the songwriting credit is also to her. I enjoyed this more simply listening to the audio, as it transports your mind away. The video doesn’t have the same effect.

Janet – Hingelind

This is so addictive. Janet has a lovely, slightly husky tone to her voice, and I love her pronunciation, and I love the song. Another new face for me, so looking forward to finding out more. Janet reminds me of Kadiah last year – someone that just popped onto the scene and warmed our hearts. Oh yes, and there’s some physical resemblance to another blonde Estonian singer with a 5-letter name. That could be making me like it even more.

SHIRA – Out In Space

One of the pleasant diversions this year. Big. Moody. Beautiful.

Uku Suviste – What Love Is

Last year’s (unhappy) runner-up in one of the craziest voting sequences ever, Uku is back with a song at least as strong, and would be my prediction to win this year, especially if he can leave it all out on stage, including a ripped t-shirt.



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