Rotterdam 2021 – Greece – The Stefania Appreciation Post

10 May 2021

Since I did an appreciation post for Albina from Croatia, it makes sense to do one for Stefania from Greece, especially since Last Dance is my favourite song of 2021. Born 17 December 2002, Stefania is Dutch of Greek origin and has already accomplished so much in her career, releasing several singles, performing at Junior Eurovision for Netherlands, and was all set to appear at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, Netherlands, until the COVID-19 pandemic caused the cancellation of the event. In 2021, and with the event still in Rotterdam, she gets her chance with Last Dance.

Stefania Appreciation Post - Greece - Eurovision 2021

In my review and final ranking of all the 2021 entries, this is part of my commentary about Last Dance:

Epic music, epic vocals, epic song, epic everything. It has so much that appeals to my core, with its raw power and glorious vocals mixed into one dynamic package. You can thank the “on fleek” Stefania for the latter part as she steps up her sexy lower tone during the verses into a pulsating crescendo through the choruses and finishes off with a monster note.

This feeling remains today. It’s such a pulsating song and I can’t stop listening to Stefania ripping through her vocal range. She has so much nuance and a rich texture, especially at her lower range, and exploring her other stuff, there’s so much more to appreciate from her. So let’s appreciate Stefania!

The official video of Last Dance

The Piano Version

At PrePartyES 2021

Superg!rl – Stefania’s 2020 Eurovision entry

Singing Shady Lady with Kalomira (ESC 2008)

Stupid Reasons – her first single


Turn Around

Stefania sounds just as beautiful in Greek too


Stefania describes Last Dance perfectly!

Kisses & Dancin’ at Junior Eurovision 2016

Yes, that’s the “on fleek” Stefania as part of the trio, Kisses, performing Kisses & Dancin’ for Netherlands at Junior Eurovision. Even then she was recognisable as most talented, and had the role of delivering the song’s biggest note. Now on the senior Eurovision stage, let’s hope she literally will perform the last dance.

Rotterdam 2021 – My Top 39 & Fab Five

Stefania’s Official Youtube Channel

Stefania – Participant Profile


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