Rotterdam 2021 – Croatia – The Albina Appreciation Post

3 May 2021

This might be the first time I’ve ever spotlighted an artist for a particular Eurovision Song Contest, especially one that doesn’t provide my favourite song for the year. In fact, Tick-Tock, by Albina for Croatia, is only my fourth favourite, so what’s the deal? Quite simply, it’s Albina!

Albina from Croatia - Tick-Tock - Appreciation Post - Review - Eurovision 2021

I based my review and final ranking solely on the official preview video, saying:

The hypnotic Tick-Tock hook is the strongest component of this song and is adeptly used. It’s a great package and I love the addition of the Croatian language section, especially that Albina pronounces Tick-Tock with a Croatian accent during that phase. That’s attention to detail!

I felt that has undersold Albina as an artist because the official video hides the quality of her vocals. While you can tell she’s capable, you don’t appreciate she offers so much more. It was only after perusing some of her other content over the weekend that I realised this girl really can sing. So let’s appreciate Albina!

First, let’s watch the official video of Tick-Tock

Now, the live national final performance at Dora 2021

The recently released Vintage Version

The Acoustic Version

Where it started – The Voice

Imuna Na Strah – Albina’s first single

The local Croatian version of Tick-Tock

Finally, Albina’s version of Husavik (My Home Town)

This song is from the movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga and was performed at the Adriatic PreParty (at 1:33)

Like many great songs, Tick-Tock was an easy creation

The Big Question

Would I bump Croatia up the ranking? Probably one spot to 3. That would be based on the national final performance as it really elevates the song and showcases Albina better. The recorded version only hints at Albina’s capability, notably with the glorious phrases leading into the chorus and the “don’t go” sections, so its present ranking is predominantly on the quality of the song itself, which is obviously outstanding for it to rank so high.

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