Kyiv 2017 – The Sad Five!

17 April 2017

For every national final winner, there’s often a hard luck story or a perceived injustice. Usually this is fans venting because their favourite didn’t win, or they’re totally against juries having any role, particularly if the jury usurp the people’s choice. There’s even conspiracy theories, like the supposed dead phone lines in Estonia for Kerli. Of course, some national finals are so strong, like Estonia and Sweden this year, that conceivably two or three songs could grace the Eurovision stage in place of entries from other countries. Or there’s simply an interesting song worthwhile hearing. Based on that, here are the Sad Five for 2017!

Sad Five songs for Eurovision Song Contest Kyiv 2017

1) Spain – Mirella – Contigo

Easily the biggest controversy of the national final season, Spain had the strange situation where the jury would decide the winner in the event of a tie. If you believe the internet is the barometer for national outrage, then Spain are still venting. It’s probably because the winning song, Do It For Your Love by Manel Navarro, really is a terrible song. Although, it finished third in the televote, so clearly plenty of people like it.

2) Slovenia – BQL – Heart Of Gold

The second big controversy where the jury allegedly got it wrong. No tie here, only that the jury rated BQL fourth best behind Omar Naber, meaning the televote had to vote Naber low for BQL to have any hope. They voted Naber second, which means the public end with their second choice in Kyiv. That’s not so bad, is it? For all the hype about BQL, the middle stages of their song were flat. Personally, I preferred Nuska Drascek at EMA 2017 over all of them anyway.

3) United Kingdom – Holly Brewer – I Wish I Loved You More

While the revamp of Lucie Jones’ Never Give Up On You has substantially improved it, personally it’s no match for Holly Brewer’s song – not that it is that special anyway. That these were the best two the UK could offer this year really highlights the weak standard of British music when it comes to Eurovision. Mostly amateurs and second rate songs – and the UK wonder why they receive such few votes.

4) Norway – Ammunition – Wrecking Crew

After a reasonably bland national final season when it comes to powerful and energetic songs, this would have been the tonic to blow up the stage in Kyiv! Alas, it’s no return visit for the lead, Age Sten Nilsen, who led Wig Wam to ninth place in 2005.

5) Greece – Demy – When The Morning Comes Around

Demy recorded three songs for the Greek public and jury to decide, and while This Is Love was a resounding winning choice, When The Morning Comes Around would have aptly served on the Eurovision stage too. Being a slower tempo song in this season of ballads obviously would not have helped. Her third song was Angels, and all three had famous Greek songwriter and producer Dimitris Kontopoulos involved.


As stated earlier, it was a great year for Estonia and Sweden. Lenna Kuurmaa, Ariadne, Rasmus Randvee, Kerli and Elina Born all had strong entries for Estonia. Sweden had Wiktoria, Mariette, Ace Wilder and Nano. While Finland had Zuhlke, Emma, Gunther & D’Sanz, Alva and Anni Saikku all presenting decent songs.


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