ManuElla’s new single – Salvation

04 March 2017

ManuElla, Slovenia’s entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest of 2016 in Stockholm, has released her new song, Salvation. This release coincides with the official transition of ManuElla’s reign as Slovenia’s Eurovision representative to their new one, Omar Naber, who won EMA 2017 last week. It also marks the completion of my journey with ManuElla, at least in terms of Eurovision, as all remaining attention now firmly shifts to 2017. Obviously her career will continue, and that will be followed with great interest.

ManuElla new single - Salvation

Blue And Red was ManuElla’s song in Stockholm and it’s one of those rare songs you encounter through life that you can’t explain. Nor should you try to explain. It has such a profound effect that it becomes part of your very being and refuses to let go. I’m sure that’s the situation for ManuElla too, as there’s always a glow and a great fondness whenever she speaks about it. I suppose that is something similar I feel inside every time I hear those first few chords. In that sense, it’s unfair to compare Salvation to Blue And Red because there is no comparison. It needs to be heard and appreciated on its own.

Like Blue And Red, Salvation is in that crossover-country style that ManuElla loves. It’s not as natural a song that Blue And Red feels. I’d guess that was written quite quickly, whereas Salvation took more effort. Salvation is more energetic too, and consequentially allows ManuElla to flourish vocally and sing at a higher range. Of course, her trademark lower warm tone is there as well, particularly in the early stages, which always provides goosebumps. Watching the presentation at EMA 2017 it reminds me of an arena song, whereas Blue And Red is more intimate. Structurally, the only concern is it seems to lag through the bridge section, before rebounding with a stylish finale. Overall, ManuElla’s team have struck again with their successful formula and Salvation is incredibly promising for future material.



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