Turin 2022: National Final Injustices

03 April 2022

It was a solid season of national finals in 2022, and not too many injustices if looking at the popular view. Of course, individual passions rise when there’s anything to do with the Eurovision Song Contest, so we can always pick some individual cases that we would have preferred selected. There’s also other songs that deserve some attention simply because they were so good. As is often said in this yearly post, it’s a shame some countries can’t send more than one entry, and with Turin 2022 looking like a weak year for song quality, that feeling is much stronger than usual.

Younghearted perform Sun numero at UMK22 - Finland - National Final Injustices - Eurovision 2022
Younghearted perform Sun numero at UMK22

Australia – Jaguar Jonze – Little Fires

The only entry I would even classify this year as an injustice came from Australia Decides 2022. While there’s no disputing Sheldon Riley was a quality and popular winner with Not The Same, for me, Little Fires, finishing a close third, was superior in every aspect, and there still remains a feeling that Jaguar Jonze might have lost solely due to the voting debacle. While you can read about the chaos in the review, the essence is SBS advertised (and it seemed to happen) voting would close at 21:45 AEDT, not 22:45 AEDT, and so, except for Voyager (there’s an explanation with them), every song after Sheldon Riley suffered low public votes.

Norway – NorthKid – Someone

While Subwoolfer were strong favourites all along to win Melodi Grand Prix, the final result in the gold duel proved quite close. There’s a reason for that, which only an imbecile wouldn’t see after watching this performance. It’s a song that just speaks to you, with a matching performance.

Estonia – Anna Sahlene – Champion

While boring Stefan finally won Eesti Laul, the exciting Anna Sahlene could only finish fourth with Champion. She represented Estonia on home soil in 2002, and I hoped some nostalgia would kick in and she could return to the Eurovision stage 20 years after her first appearance. Perhaps 20 years is just too far ago for the young people of the day to remember, or care.

Estonia – Minimal Wind feat. Elisabeth Tiffany – What To Make Of This

To highlight the charms and variety of Eesti Laul, I add this super jazzy number from Minimal Wind. As I said in the review, jazz can be hit or miss, and this time it was a hit. It almost had almost maximum effect by finishing second.

Sweden – Anders Bagge – Bigger Than The Universe

If you judge Melodifestivalen 2022 solely by the public vote, Anders Bagge was the people’s choice. Although, I have a sneaky feeling it was inflated after the international jury had crushed him. Anders is popular in Sweden and 8th after the jury vote was an insult. So the Swedish public rescued him to a much deserved second place. In all fairness, Bigger Than The Universe, with its catchy nature, Anders’ phenomenal voice and those amazing background graphics, would have a stronger chance of winning Eurovision than the actual winner, Cornelia Jakobs, who has a really strong chance herself. It’s an entry that would really stand out and not be forgotten.

Denmark – Josie Elinor & Jack Warren – Let Me Go

In a weak Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, and not the strongest song in itself, Let Me Go will be well remembered for the excellent staging on the night. The pair would finish third.

Finland – Cyan Kicks – Hurricane

Like last year, I could nominate several for Finland, and it was unfortunate that the field for UMK 2022 had to contend with The Rasmus juggernaut. They are immensely popular in Finland, and for over two decades, and with a strong entry in Jezebel, were always likely to win. Finishing second was their direct competitor in style, Cyan Kicks, with Hurricane. Personally, Hurricane had more in it, particularly with a female lead vocalist adding a new dimension, and it was presented much better.

Finland – Bess – Ram Pam Pam

What the heck, I will include a few from Finland. This year’s UMK was so good! This “rapid pop” song never lets up, and only suffered in that the staging, especially the dancers, didn’t match the intensity of the song. Bess finished third.

Finland – Younghearted – Sun numero

This made me cry, and was easily the most memorable song of the 2022 national final season and up there in the pantheon of greatest Eurovision moments ever. I will never forget it. Curiously, as is their way, lacking confidence in something distinctly Finnish, Finns voted it last. The international jury at least showed it some respect by placing it fifth of the seven songs.

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