Italy win OGAE Poll of 2019 – Are they for real?

01 May 2019

The official OGAE Eurovision Song Contest fan clubs decided their favourite songs for Tel Aviv 2019 and it was a close race between Italy, Switzerland and Netherlands, with the three separated by only 10 points. The top three:

411 – Italy – Mahmood – Soldi
406 – Switzerland – Luca Hanni – She Got Me
401 – Netherlands – Duncan Laurence – Arcade

Those three countries cleared away from the pack with Norway next best on 224 points.

OGAE International Poll Results

OGAE clubs notoriously have a shallow appreciation of songs, and that extends to genre, with ballads and generally softer songs failing to attract much attention. That’s the case this year for most of the 13 songs that failed to score any points. A part of that is also attributed to the archaic idea of only awarding points to the top 10 songs as per Eurovision itself. While that system is showing its flaws in a contest of 26 songs, with 41 songs in the OGAE poll, it’s even more restrictive, and unfair.

As for a regular person like myself, how does the OGAE result compare?

Result by OGAE Rank

OGAE Results for 2019 - Eurovision Song Contest Tel Aviv

Result by Points Difference

OGAE Results for 2019 - by Points Difference - Eurovision Song Contest Tel Aviv

As you can see, the likes of Germany, Belarus and Armenia were treated very harshly by the OGAE clubs, while Italy, Iceland, Portugal and France were treated way too kindly.

Of course, one question remains: am I a regular person?

Tel Aviv 2019 – The Fab Five! All songs reviewed and ranked.


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