Estonia, Czechia and Switzerland songs revealed – The Verdict!

14 January 2018

Estonia – Eesti Laul 2018

Another year, another great Eesti Laul. Officially it is now a broken record. I opened with the same statement in last year’s preview and spontaneously did it again. Of course, it really is another great Eesti Laul. While not quite the match compared to 2017, first impressions is that what it lacks in big names and powerful songs, it makes it up with eclecticism and a strong curiosity. From the traditional Estonian alternative/rock/indie/pop type stuff, there’s folk, opera, ballad and even some fast food music!


There are a few familiar names too. At Eurovision, Stig Rästa performed Goodbye To Yesterday with Elina Born in 2015 and Gerli Padar performed Partners In Crime in 2007. Her brother, Boyi Padar, won for Estonia in 2001, performing Everybody with Dave Benson. Wait, that was Tanal Padar. Rolf Roosalu/Junior will also be familiar to regular Eesti Laul viewers in what’s at least his sixth attempt.

There’s a clear top 5 for me with the favourite overall a clear favourite. The top 10 picked themselves easily too. I only fussed about the ranking between second and fifth. Here’s my five favourites in random order with the top 10 below it.

Stig Rästa – Home

Eliis Pärna & Gerli Padar – Sky

Etnopatsy – Külm

Sibyl Vane – Thousand Words

Elina Netšajeva – La Forza

Listen to all Eesti Laul songs here or here

My Top 10

– Eesti Laul is the traditional two semi finals and a final (the best national final format!), scheduled for 10 & 17 February and 3 March.

Czechia – Eurovision Song CZ

It’s so good other countries are following Estonia’s lead and releasing their national final songs early. Particularly for Czechia as normally they are a blip through the national final season, and often a blip when their song is finally revealed. So we get the privilege to sample a bit of Czech music, and you know what, it will make the announcement of the winner almost compelling viewing.

While four songs appeal to me, the other two might appeal as easily to fans of their respective genres. It’s a nice, varied bunch and I found it difficult to split my top two. So, you decide! High On Love is the more immediately impressive, while Fly is the more intriguing one and likely the more memorable on the Eurovision stage. Stuff it, I’ll vote for that. Wait! I’ve just listened again to High On Love. I’ll vote for that. Wait! I have another week to change my mind a hundred times more.

=1) Debbi – High On Love

=1) Eva Burešová – Fly

3) Pavel Callta – Never Forget

4) Eddie Stoilow – We Rule This World

5) Doctor Victor – StandUP

6) Mikolas Josef – Lie To Me

– Voting is currently open on the official ESC app for all users until 22 January. Only Czech votes will decide the winner, to be revealed 29 January.

Switzerland – ESC 2018 Die Entscheidungsshow

Knock me down with a giant Eurovision feather, the Swiss have provided a solid six songs too. Again it was a duel between two songs and this time the better first impression of Stones just pipped Redlights for favourite song.

1) Zibbz – Stones

2) Vanessa Iraci – Redlights

3) Angie Ott – A Thousand Times

4) Chiara Dubey – Secrets and Lies

5) Naeman – Kiss Me

6) Alejandro Reyes – Compass


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