Mr Eurovision Australia – 2015 in Review

01 January 2016

Happy New Year!

It’s just the second full year for the Mr Eurovision Australia blog, and it’s been a really exciting year and a busy year. Exciting because of Australia’s first ever participation at the contest, and a busy year with 19 new posts.

It also became a year that saw Eurovision posting habits emerge. First is announcing the “Fab Five” once all songs are released and thoroughly heard. Next is the big preview that covers both semi finals, the final and predictions. In a shocking case of originality, that post will be officially known as the “BIG Preview” from this day forth. Then obviously is the review of each show. Finally, a general editorial covering any controversies and announcing the Mr Eurovision Australia Awards.

Mr Eurovision Australia

2015 has also been a year when I contemplated changing the name of the blog to something less individualistic. This might come in time if suddenly writing about Eurovision becomes more than a hobby. Until then, this blog is a solitary operation, whose purpose is to offer a particular perspective and style, and provide original insight and analysis.

Top 5 Posts

1) Mr Eurovision’s Fab Five

It had the longest gestation period so always had a strong chance to be the most viewed post. Slovenia, Netherlands, Estonia, Norway and Greece were the Fab Five. Other than Estonia, none achieved a high result at Eurovision, with Netherlands not even making the final. My top five at Eurovision were Russia, Estonia, Slovenia, Spain and Greece. Russia transformed a good song to simply stunning. Spain also did well and it’s a shame it didn’t reflect on the official scoreboard.

2) Underwhelming as Australia send Guy Sebastian to Eurovision

The most controversial post of the year, and received the most comments, particularly from disgruntled fans of Guy. One of the key points of the post was that I’d wait for the song and judge Guy fairly on that. That I did, rating Tonight Again highly and appreciating that Guy was such a great ambassador for Australia. If Australia is to continue in ESC (it will be there in 2016), better get used to criticism of the artist selected. Many of us are so precious of our music and take any criticism so personally that it’s like a direct insult on our integrity. If you think Guy was treated harshly, just wait until Australia flops in a semi final. Fans will go feral, high profile artists will avoid potential embarrassment, and it won’t be long before demands are made for Australia to withdraw. For too long we’ve sat haughtily in the peanut gallery making unsavoury jabs at those perceived wacky Europeans. It’s not fun on the receiving end, is it? Ironically, this should help mature us so that we do watch ESC through the prism of music and great artists, not to find avenues for ridicule and mockery.

3) Vienna 2015 – the BIG Preview

This was another with a long gestation period to attract more readers. Interesting that the betting markets were so accurate with Sweden, Italy, Australia, Estonia and Russia as the top 5, while I said it’s out of Estonia, Norway and Russia. Denmark was my surprise chance to do well, which was laughably way off. They missed the final.

4) Vienna 2015 – Grand Final Review

5) Eesti Laul 2015 – Final Review

This wasn’t far from being third most popular. Estonians love their Eesti Laul and this was one of the best national finals from any country, ever.

Special Mention

Top 10 Best Eurovision Songs Ever

I did the most difficult thing ever and decided my Top 10 Best Eurovision Songs ever! It was revealed over several months on twitter before the post was produced. While you’re only likely to give a “hell yeah” to one or two songs on the list, it’s a worthwhile read to understand the history of my fascination with Eurovision and the perspective I’ve drawn from it.

Where are you from?

From 147 different countries in the world, that’s where. Amazing. Australia obviously the most dominant, then next is Slovenia and Estonia. Slovenia is courtesy of them heading my Fab Five, while Estonia courtesy of the Eesti Laul Review. USA, Sweden, UK, Germany, Spain, Greece and Netherlands fill the top 10. The most obscure country (with at least 5 views) is Mauritius.


It should be bigger and better than ever. Stockholm is already shaping up to be a great Eurovision Song Contest, with several countries returning and Sweden publishing a strong field of candidates for their own national final. Best of all, I’ll be going! Accommodation booked long ago, most tickets secured, and flight booked. It most likely will be a once in a lifetime chance so I will be going primarily as a fan and to enjoy the shows and the experience. Hej då!


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