Savvy Predictions for Eurovision Final 2013

Anyone can say Denmark, Germany or Norway to win Eurovision, so let’s look at a bolter to cause an upset.

While Netherlands is favoured to do well, it’s really an issue of love or hate with this song. I’m banking on the love. Convinced that juries will vote for it, the key will be the public and stealing votes from the top favourites. With several strong songs from Nordic and ex-Soviet nations, the vote could slit, allowing votes for Holland. They could win with many moderate votes as Azerbaijan two years ago. They won with just two sets of 12.

Belgium is the real upset I can see. Is the slickest of the pop songs, the singer is charismatic and he can really sing. Choreography is excellent, as the staging. There’s reauthorize momentum about it, and thinking it even qualified unexpectedly, there’s a special something that have actually seen it almost win the semi. A few friends nominated it as their favourite from the semi -a strong signal.

Maybe I’m biased, I’m liking Estonia as a chance for a nice traditional and sweet ballad. Birgit is engaging too and has a lovely voice. The presentation is sound. Russia is another for similar reasons, this time a power ballad. Azerbaijan will do well. Great song and choreography, plus the Turkish diaspora vote. One thing I’m sure, other than Norway or Azerbaijan, nothing else from semi 2 has a chance. I’m annoyed that San Marino failed.

Of the pre-qualifiers, Sweden has no hope. One of their worst entries ever. Their entire Melodifestivalen was bad. It’s as though they don’t want to win. If Europe ever finds the mood to for Spain, they have a good song this year. Considering their excellent song last year only saw tenth spot, I’m not holding my breath. Italy’s is not the class of last two years, so at best middle table. The juries are also spoilt for choice this year. As stated already, I’m banking on them latching onto Holland.

Who do I hope wins? Estonia! Realistically, Norway has the better chance so will be hoping for them.

My personal top 10 in the final is Norway, Estonia, Russia, Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Germany and Lithuania.


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